Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Prayers offered, Prayers answered

Last night, Dallas kicked off its second 24/7 vigil at the Southwestern late-term abortion center.   Nearly 300 of the Dallas faithful joined in the nearby park to raise their voices in Praise & Worship led by local musician Joe Languell and enjoy rousing presentations by Reverend James Yamauchi, Executive Director  Karen Garnett of the Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas, Aurora Tinajero who hosts “Celebrando la Vida,” and Bishop John Lawson of Children of God Ministries.  The rally was rounded out by 40 Days for Life national team member Lauren Muzyka, who spoke of the power of prayer evidenced by campaigns across the globe, and finally, Ramona Trevino, who shared her journey from Planned Parenthood manager to pro-life witness.  Ramona’s testimony lit up the night as a shining example of what God’s people can do when they “show up” and put their trust and faith in the God almighty!

Lifted up by the rally, members of the local leadership team and prayer volunteers returned to the vigil site a few hours later to offer up midnight prayers on behalf of all those destroyed by the tragedy of abortion.   12 hours and over 50 prayer volunteers (St. Anthony Catholic Church, Wylie, and others) later, God answered those prayers with…3 confirmed saves!!!  
Three mothers chose life for their precious little ones.  Why?
Because, in the words of the Dallas prayer coordinator, “There was a steady powerful prayer presence non-stop as people came ‘passing the baton.’  The prayer chain was unbroken.  Thanks be to Almighty Holy God!!  Thank you to all those who have sacrificed...prayed...fasted...come to the sidewalk for their little brothers and sisters who are yet to be born.  Thank you, thank you Holy Spirit for moving hearts so miraculously and so wonderfully.”
May God continue to bless this campaign and the efforts of all those who join in prayer in His name.

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