Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Answering when the Spirit calls ...

Sometimes volunteers step up in unexpected ways.  The sidewalk counselor was tied up with someone else when a young African woman, toting a beautiful baby in a handheld carrier, walked out from the abortion facility parking lot.  

A Knight of Columbus, untrained in the ways of sidewalk counseling but realizing something needed to be done, stepped up to her and asked if she had come from the Planned Parenthood. “Yes,” she replied quietly.  “Were you there for your first appointment for an abortion?” “Yes.”  

Trying to recall what he’d heard sidewalk counselors say before, he told her that everyone outside was praying for her and for her babies, born and unborn.  “We have resources and people to help,” he said, and quickly dashed to the “You Have a Choice” brochures on the sidewalk.  Pressing one into her hand, he told her, “Call these people.  They will help you with your pregnancy.”  

Smiling, the woman took the brochure, looked at it, and then stuck it into her purse. “Thank you,” she said, and went to wait for her ride.

When the Spirit calls, you listen!

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