Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Here Out of Love

I had a wonderful email in my inbox this morning.  A friend has adopted an hour a week to come to pray at this year’s prayer vigil at South Dallas Planned Parenthood.  She and her husband went last week, but yesterday she decided to post an invitation on social media a couple of hours before she went, asking other prayer volunteers to join her.

And oh boy did they!  A family of six (three little girls and a boy), two young adults (one with his guitar), her husband’s best friend (with his guitar), then two other friends, and one more friend with her two-year-old little girl! 11 MORE!

While they were all praying, a woman, Luz (not her real name) walked by.  She was crying, saying that she felt helpless and wanted to have an abortion.  The relationship with her boyfriend isn’t a good one, and she’s afraid her mom will kick her out if she finds out about her pregnancy.

One volunteer invited her to stay and pray with them.  The two-year-old came up as they were talking, said to Luz, “Hi!” and toddled off, smiling and waving.  "All of us are here for you.  These people were not planning on being here, but it’s no coincidence," a volunteer shared. "God knew you were coming, and this baby saying hi to you is another sign.  We are here out of love for you for this very moment.” Luz began to weep. 

Giving her information about the pregnancy resource center, a vigil volunteer also got Luz’ number and told her she would ask a counselor to call her and see about getting her help.  The counselor and Luz have connected and we’re praying for all involved. 

Luz had just been walking by yesterday.  Prayer and witness is a beautiful thing.

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