Thursday, November 10, 2011

6,000 on sidewalk! 23 mothers Chose Life! + 92!

Thanks be to God!!!  <><

New Records Set by 40 Days for Life-Dallas
Thanks to all who helped make it happen!
Sunday night marked the conclusion of the 40 Days for Life-Dallas 2011 Fall campaign.  During these 40 days, over 6,000 people took to the sidewalks in prayer for the unborn and all those affected by the tragedy of abortion.  23 abortion-bound women chose life for their children at the vigil location – Southwestern late-term abortion center, plus 92 additional lives were spared at the 4 other Dallas abortion centers where the power of your prayers was felt. 
Campaign participants gathered in thanksgiving for these beautiful blessings at the Victory Celebration Tuesday evening, opened by Auxiliary Bishop Mark Seitz of the Diocese of Dallas, followed by the powerful post-abortive testimony of Katharine Hill with LifeTalk Resource Center and the inspirational call to action by former abortion provider, now pro-life advocate Carol Everett.  Attendees also enjoyed a breathtaking concert by world-renowned composer and pianist Eric Genuis with his accompanying musicians and vocalist.  It was a fitting end to a truly amazing campaign.  Check out the photos here!
This campaign would not have been possible without the dedication of all you, Friends of Life, who came to pray and encouraged your churches and organizations to do the same.  We'd like to extend a special thanks to the volunteers who helped lead and plan the campaign, the"night crew" who made sure the vigil was covered 24/7, St. Francis Anglican Churchwhich hosted campaign meetings, and many, many more who selflessly gave for God's precious ones.  Read more about campaign experiences here.
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