Monday, September 10, 2012

A Message of Love, A Message of 'Yes'

Last year 3 men prayed at the vigil site for 24 consecutive hours … midnight to midnight.

Others logged in 24 cumulative hours … and more. Some of these gentlemen remained “on call” for the late night vigil hours.

There were those who came to the vigil site every day (or almost every day). These folks arrived, signed-in, peacefully said their prayers, then left as quietly as they came.

There were others who came to the sidewalk for the first time, and left forever changed. 

Some folks made commitments to regularly pray outside one of the five abortion centers in Dallas throughout the year.

These prayer warriors made a difference.  They made a difference to the other 24 hour "club" that no one really wants to join.

That's the women who come for an appointment with an abortionist and wait for at least 24 hours (by TX law) to contemplate the "choice", that they so often feel forced to make, of whether to end the life of their child.

For at least 24 hours, these women are contemplating:   YES(I will choose Life for this child) or “NO” (I will not allow this baby to live).
The peaceful, prayerful presence of 40 Days for Life is a message of love, a message of "Yes" to these women and their children. 

How much time can you commit for one woman? … for one child? ... for one soul?   

Come pray with us… come pray for Life!!!

Southwestern late-term abortion facility
Greenville Ave. @ Royal Ln. – Dallas Texas
September 26 – November 4, 2012

God’s continual merciful blessings in all that you do for His children.


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