Saturday, October 5, 2013

2nd week... 3rd save!!! (& URGENT prayer request!)

BREAKING...Urgent prayer request:   A woman stopped by the vigil site last night seeking help from sidewalk counselors as her friend is scheduled for an abortion in the next couple of days. Please PRAY for this mother, all loved ones and those who are giving her counsel. Pray Pray Pray!!!
Thank you!  <><

Now for the blessed news of a 3rd save outside the vigil site ... at 21 weeks! The mother stopped to share her decision with those praying on the sidewalk. Praise God! May this family continue to be protected and filled with all heavenly graces. amen.

But the lives saved are not the only inspiration on the sidewalk ...
 One who comes each day:  On Sunday evening, an older lady quietly asked, "When I come each day, do I sign both papers?" [Statement of Peace and/or Sign-In Sheet].  I explained, "No, just the sign-in sheet". Thank you God for this dear faithful lady!

Powerful presence... powerful work:  On Tuesday night a group of about 20 or more from the Cathedral Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe solemnly facing the clinic prayed together. Each person held a white "sanctuary" candle.  Many cars slowed while passing the vigil site.

Covering the "hard" hours:  We noticed a man walking slowly across the street to the empty sidewalk. He picked up one of the "Pray to End Abortion" signs and stood quietly on the sidewalk under his umbrella as rain poured down. He's an attorney who throughout the year diligently prays outside this late-term facility. It is not uncommon for him to show-up during 40 Days for Life to man the more challenging late night hours or when the weather is not so pleasant.

24 Hour Club: I've spotted 3 so far, but it's tricky business finding these 24 Hour Club members. They don't advertise themselves.  But, I knew this man was planning to be there all day today "God willing," he said.  He said that it rained earlier today, again tonight (and is colder); but he did not complain.  Instead he asked for prayers.  Lightening ripped dramatically through the sky as we talked to each other. (Everyone is strongly encourage to stay in their cars when there is lightening).   He's still there ... even as I type.

God bless all of you who stand with your presence, prayers and fasting for the most vulnerable of God's children, for those who can not stand for themselves.
God bless you... God bless you... God bless you!

God is Good... All the Time



  1. When my sidewalk partner and I were sidewalk counseling last week, the power of the prayer of those faithful 40-Days attendees was almost palpable. So many good things happened and I felt as if their prayers were literally lifting me up with God's grace. It was awesome! I am so grateful for all these faithful people who come out and pray! Some folks just don't understand the power they release! God bless each and every one of them! All for the greater glory of God--always!

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