Wednesday, September 23, 2015

At midnight, together, the Body of Christ

We gathered long before the time to start the 24/7 vigil at midnight – Knights whose parish had adopted the first day, four young people who had been to the Kickoff Rally and answered the invitation to pray, the prayer volunteers who had signed up to cover the first hour, along with several others -- seventeen in all.
As we were about to sing the Divine Mercy Chaplet to open the vigil, a car pulled up next to us.  The driver rolled down his window and said, “My two children were aborted, and I didn’t have any choice about it.”

One of our group was a man whose wife had aborted his only child.  He’s had experience as a volunteer with Project Joseph, a unique abortion healing program for men.  He immediately asked the driver to park across the street so they could talk.  As we sang, the abortion facility and the two men were covered in prayer.

After a time, the Project Joseph volunteer rejoined us.  The two men had exchanged information, and the volunteer had shared resources for help.  Through God's Amazing Grace, these two men found each other at midnight, on the sidewalk.   We cannot wait to see all that our Lord has in store for us these 40 days. 
May God bless all of our efforts for life!  Especially these 40 days!
Are you or someone you know suffering from an abortion?  There is hope in healing.  
Visit for confidential assistance for women and men. 
For more information about Project Joseph, visit
Don't suffer alone any longer!
Image credit: "Forgiven" by Thomas Blackshear, reprinted with permission


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