Monday, September 28, 2015

The First 'Save' ... because the Body of Christ was there.

On Saturday, a young mom was at the vigil praying with her two little ones.  It was getting a little past time for the next prayer volunteer to come, but there were two people from another church praying too, so she wasn’t worried.  (She found out later that the volunteers for the next hour had mistakenly gone to another facility.) 
The young mom decided to stay and cover a second hour.  She watched a car drive into the parking lot of the abortion facility.  A couple got out of the car, at first heading to the front door of the facility, but then they turned toward the volunteers.  The couple wanted to know what alternatives there were to having the abortion! 
The prayer volunteers were able to tell the couple about the nearby pregnancy resource centers -- one in the very same office complex!  The volunteers watched this new mom and dad as they walked over to the resource center to receive real help.   If the vigil had not been there, the couple would have gone into the facility and perhaps made a fatal choice.  
What a blessing for those praying on the sidewalk to be a part of the first save of our 40 Days for Life vigil ... that we know of!

**Trained sidewalk counselors are typically present on the sidewalk when abortions are being performed and available to counsel clients considering abortion. Nearby pregnancy resource centers -- in the office complex and across the street -- also offer counseling and resources for parents in need.   40 Days for Life vigil participants provide critical daily prayer support for these life-saving efforts.**

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