Thursday, October 8, 2015

5 lives in 1 hour

A record 17 lives in only 16 days have been saved at the vigil site during this campaign so far.  Praise God!!  That's more than one baby per day -- but it didn't happen that way.  Instead, the graces rained down in a flurry.  During one hour in particular, while a devoted couple supported sidewalk counselors in prayer, five lives were saved... five hearts will keep beating... five mothers escaped suffering.   In the words of one of those prayer volunteers:
My  wife and and I were praying in front of the Southwestern abortion facility on Monday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  During that time we got to see God work miracles. There were sidewalk counselors there with us, and two of them had babies in their arms.  I have to believe that God used them to soften the hearts of the mothers.   One particular mother came out of the facility with a picture in her hands.  One of the veteran sidewalk counselors asked her if that was a picture of her baby and she said that it was.  The counselor asked is she could see it.  The mother began walking towards us with a beaming smile.  We all looked at the picture and were so happy just as if it was a member of our family.  The counselor said that she felt like the grandmother. Prayer warriors and sidewalk counselors alike began shedding tears of joy.   
The mother said that her boyfriend was in the Army and had wanted her to have the baby.  I asked her to please thank her boyfriend for his service to our country.   
The counselor asked her if this was her first and she said yes, and then asked if she was going to need diapers and other baby items, and once again the answer was yes.  The counselor directed her to the nearby pregnancy resource center and away she went with the biggest smile I saw all morning.  

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