Thursday, October 15, 2015

3 churches and long distances

I arrived with my 17-year-old son last night at about midnight. Another man from my church was already there. The three of us prayed and talked until 2 a.m., at which time another two men from a different church relieved us.  One had driven in all the way from Mansfield, and both were intending to stay until 4 a.m., when more people from our church would arrive. 

There was also another couple and their high school daughter who prayed with us the first half hour. They had come from Keller and were members of yet another church.  I am so impressed by these people who come so far!

It was a beautiful night and we prayed one long Joyful Mysteries rosary, with lots of readings from the first chapter of St. Luke's gospel.

So, we kept up the vigil. Praise the Lord!  May many hearts be turned inward to consider the beauty of life, from the moment of conception, and God's abundant grace for all!

By vigil volunteer

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