Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Morning hugs at the Vigil

Richard comes to pray whenever he can.  Sunday morning, he was at the vigil at 6am, when the day was cool and still dark.  His relief showed up at 7am, but he decided to stay longer and pray with them.  He checked on the prayer coverage for the afternoon.  There was a gap at 1pm, so Richard decided he could come back to fill that.  He had ushered at the vigil mass the night before, so his Sunday was free.  And what better way to spend the Lord’s day than to pray and witness for life?

As the neighborhood began to stir, a young woman walking down the street crossed over to the vigil site and headed toward two prayer volunteers.  As she got closer, she threw open her arms and gave each of them big hugs.  “I always hug the Hispanic guy who comes out here,” she said.  “He’s always here praying for the babies.” 

“Yes, we know him.  He’s a wonderful man.  God bless you, ma’am.”

“God protect you today while you’re out here.”  And with a big smile and a wave, she went on.

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