Friday, October 28, 2016

Saving lives, healing hearts

Thank you all for your prayers and thank you to those who were able to come out to the site and pray.  We’ve had six moms choose life!  And those are the ones we know about.  

The days we witness lives saved are incredible, but some days we are reminded why it is so important to be there for the suffering in the aftermath.

We were reminded of that when a young woman having seen our "Pray to End Abortion" sign pulled up in a pickup truck.  She jumped out of the truck and hurried over to us saying, “Is that a petition against this place?  I’ll sign it.”  We explained why we were there and about 40 Days for Life, giving her some information. 

“This place is awful,” she said, wiping away tears.  “They lie to women.  I was in the Marines and got pregnant.  I was going to be a single mom, but I would never have had an abortion.  My little girl is in the car, and she is such a blessing to me.” 

As God intended in this moment, the director of the local Healing after Abortion Ministry happened to be at the vigil site and could give this woman information about Rachel’s Vineyard in case she had any friends who might need help and healing.  After promising to pray for us, the woman and her daughter drove off.  

So much of what we do on the sidewalk is witnessing to life.  We never know how many people pass by whose hearts may be moved by the Holy Spirit, and the light of truth dawn for them.

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