Friday, September 29, 2017

First Day, First Save ... Five Years Ago

On the first day of the vigil, a woman came over to talk to the prayer volunteers. She wanted to thank them for being there today ... and for being there five years ago. When she found out she was pregnant, she and her husband decided that they couldn't afford a child. So they made an appointment for an abortion. They noticed the people on the sidewalk as they drove in to the abortion facility parking lot. Walking to the front door, they'd even stopped to take literature from a sidewalk counselor, but they went inside to keep the appointment.

While she and her husband sat in the waiting room, God heard our prayers and worked on their hearts. They listened to Him and decided to leave. This woman shared that choosing life for their son was the best decision they ever made. He has become their little prayer warrior -- always praying for other people, especially for the sick, and God answers his prayers. We look forward to the blessings the Lord will bestow on the vigil through the petitions of this beautiful family.

It's only the beginning, and our vigil has already seen incredible blessings. Please join the vigil, and find out what God has in store for the next 37 days!

By: Susan Platt, Dallas Campaign Director

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