Thursday, October 12, 2017

Someone (else) Will Help

Kaye said she had missed her first scheduled hour at the vigil.  Her little baby girl was asleep in the backseat of the car, so Kaye had prayed from there.  We assured her that it still counted.  40 Days for Life even recommends praying from your car if you are the only one at the vigil.  Today she brought her 9-year-old son with her to pray.
As she signed in, a car drove up and the man driving called out to the counselor.  He wanted to know what we were doing.  She asked him to park his car and come back to talk to her.  And he did.  That always makes you feel anxious because you might lose the person, but you have to do it to make sure they are safely out of traffic.
The man, Case, had one of his children with him.  Case and his wife have three children, with the youngest only six months old.  His wife thought she was only a month pregnant.  She could have an abortion since it wasn’t really a baby yet, was it?  The counselor gave him information and explained the damage that abortion could do to both them and their family. 
Case looked thoughtful but didn’t say much before he left.  The counselors continued to minister as Kaye and her son prayed.  Their hour was almost up when Case came back to speak with the counselors.  His wife’s tests showed that the baby was two months along, not one.  And he had been able to share with her what he had learned from the counselor.  He wanted to tell the counselors that he and his wife were keeping their baby.
You always feel a thrill when you hear those words.  God’s most precious gift has been affirmed.  Kaye and her son had witnessed to life, making the effort to join in the vigil with fellow Christians and God blessed them by showing His love for this baby and his family.
God doesn’t always reveal lives saved to us.  But if we say yes to what He calls us to do, we show Him and others our love.  We can do all things through Christ, who gives us strength. 

We have hours that still need prayer.  Could you come pray during your lunch hour?  After you drop kids off at school?  Before you pick up grandkids?  On your way home from work?  Just an hour of your time could help prevent a life lost, a life filled with regret.  We are the ones being asked.  Let us not say, “Someone (else) will help.”

By: Susan Platt, Dallas Campaign Director


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