Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Whoa!!! “24-Hour Club” steppin’ UP!

T-Minus 44 Days 'til campaign starts: September 25 - November 3, 2013

At this early date in August, TWO folks have already said they have plans to pray and bear witness for 24 hours straight outside SW late term abortion clinic again!

Additionally... Every year during 40 Days for Life, there are a number of folks who are on the sidewalk 8,10,12... (or more) hours. Those folks will be there again… of course.

AND... Every year during 40 Days for Life, there are folks (too numerous to count) who commit a little time (each day or several days during each week) to pray outside the abortion facility.

Rain. Sleet. Snow. Cold. Heat. Wind. Sprinkler system.  

Come!!!  for this peaceful prayerful (uh ah mm)  "filibuster"!


The fall 2013 40 Days for Life-Dallas campaign will be outside of abortionist Curtis Boyd's Southwestern late-term abortion center at the NE corner of Greenville Avenue and Royal Lane in Dallas from September 25 - November 3.  

What we can do:

Groups: We can adopt a day for our church, small group or prayer community by emailing 40days@prolifedallas.org.  Available “open” days (for groups) may be found here.  

Individuals:  We can also commit to prayer outside the abortion center (per hourly time slots).   We can make that commitment here!

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