Friday, October 26, 2012

Christ's partnership saving lives

We couldn't do it without them.   Every day, every hour, that abortions are happening, there are trained sidewalk-counselors outside the abortion center.  They are there to offer an alternative to death and to receive those women and men who hear God's call to embrace the blessing of life.  And where do these women and men turn? To the neighboring pregnancy resource centers which offer real help and real love ... His love.

Guadalupe Radio Network recently interviewed the director of one of the pregnancy resource centers neighboring the 40 Days for Life-Vigil site.  She reported that her center had counseled an abortion-minded woman who saw you -- the people praying -- outside Southwestern late-term abortion facility.  She took it as a sign from God, turned her car around and went to the pregnancy resource center instead.

Resulting in...  a Baby saved!!!

Join us on the sidewalk, and witness to the power of Christ's family in a partnership of prayer, compassion and charity ... saving lives and converting hearts through His grace!

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