Thursday, October 18, 2012

Suffering met us on the sidewalk today

A member of the clergy shared with me the struggles of the post-abortive penitents. They receive "all the Church has to offer in that regard" and are "restored to full participation in the Church. "... but they "continue to have great emotional spiritual difficulties." This is an all too common story.

That suffering met us on the sidewalk today. She looked tired. Her shoulders drooped, and her eyes contemplated the ground. Her sister held her with a concerned gaze. She is suffering with continual bleeding following an abortion several weeks ago. As she entered the facility for her scheduled follow-up appointment (a pregnancy test to see if the abortion was 'successful'), her sister came to the nearby pregnancy resource center for advice

A short time later, the despondent young woman emerged from the abortion facility. She joined her sister at the pregnancy resource center, and reported the pregnancy test registered "positive," and that there would most likely be another surgical procedure tomorrow because of "blood clots"  At least that's what they told her.  What does that really mean? It was likely a botched abortion, and she is continuing to hemorrhage. She may have damage to her uterus and cervix.  The remains of her child likely remain inside her. 

Sidewalk counselors and the pregnancy resource center were able to get her an appointment with a 'real' OBGYN tomorrow, give her supplies to help her family, and information about the hope and healing offered through The Rachel Ministries.  Upon leaving the center, phone numbers, prayers and God's blessing were shared.  There were spontaneous "hugs".  Love. Care. Mercy. Compassion.  

How many "walking wounded" suffer in the wake of their choice ... or the choices of others who had abortions? After 40 years of abortion on demand, statistics show 1/3 of all women have had an abortion by the age of 45; add the parents, friends, boyfriends, and husbands who participated in or even coerced the abortion, and the effect of abortion in this country is pandemic. Everyone is now affected by abortion ... and we are suffering for it.  This is the staggering reality that keeps many of us praying on the sidewalks outside abortion centers.
Christians holding hands with Christians on a path ... to Jesus.   

One soul at a time.


Pray Pray Pray 

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