Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sidewalk Shuttle or Chris the Cabbie

The congregation of St. Michael in Garland was in full force on the sidewalk.  These folks, like so many others, step on the concrete and get to work right away offering prayers. Some had the distinct privilege of being dropped-off curbside.

We dub him, "Chris the Cabbie".  Chris took his work holiday (Columbus Day) to shuttle others in his big white extended truck. Not surprising, Chris is a member of Knights of Columbus.

Chris started late morning taking groups of people from the church to the vigil site and back, continuing throughout the afternoon.  Several of his passengers were "first timers" to come and pray during 40 Days for Life.

After Chris dropped them off, fellow Knight Ronnie took over making sure everyone was signed in and 'situated'.  Ronnie has committed each year to be on the sidewalk midnight to midnight. He thinks this may be his 5th or 6th time to do so, and this year has been no different.  He stands stalwart at his post -- a retired Marine who knows what it means to sacrifice for others.

In asking, "Well, how did it go?" to some of the first-timers. The responses were overwhelmingly positive. One lady asked, "When are others out here ... I mean during the rest of the year?" She plans to regularly pray after the 40 Days campaign ends.

We join her in prayers that abortion will end soon.

Are you interested in joining the efforts on the sidewalk after the campaign?  Visit www.prolifedallas.org/sidewalk to learn more about the prayer and counseling presence outside the 5 Dallas abortion centers throughout the year.


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