Saturday, October 6, 2012

Praying & Shivering for the Future: Babies

As the incoming cold front began moving into the area late this evening, I felt urged to go to the vigil site instead of blogging about it.  I quickly grabbed a hoodie and headed for the car. From the car radio I could hear a man's voice (presumably a priest) leading others in praying the rosary. Many gentle voices wafted in echoed response to each "Ave" as brisk gusts of northern air blew against the car. At the beginning of each decade, a youthful sounding voice firmly said:  "We are the children of God, praying for the families of God..." and all across the country, others privately joined them in prayers for our country.

Upon arrival at the vigil site, a group of about five or six men stood huddled in a circle praying.

Apart from those men, another man wearing only a thin jacket, stoically stood holding a "Pray to End Abortion" sign.

A couple with their five children bundled up in blankets, all closely held one another while they prayed the rosary together as a family.

Taking a separate place closer to the other end of the the abortion facility, I knelt on the sidewalk. Lights were on inside the facility.

Sometime later, the group of men as well as the man holding the sign left; only the couple by themselves remained. The couple had already tucked their children into the warmth of their vehicle with the older children to sleep, as it was late.  We quietly exchanged "good night(s)" and "thank you(s)".  Both of their shining faces reflected love and warmth. When I drove away, I looked into my rear view mirror towards them.

The couple remained together on the sidewalk.

We are the children of God, praying for the families of God... 

 + + +

Holy Almighty God, we offer up to you all those
in this country and throughout the world:
all those who are contemplating, participating in, suffering from abortion,
including all who have been effected by the same. 
Lord, have Mercy upon us. 
Christ, have Mercy upon us.
Lord, have Mercy upon us.

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