Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Crying on the Steps

Today, a young woman, like so many who come to the abortion center ... cried.

While others offered vital prayers, sidewalk counselors saw her sitting on the steps at the side entrance of the abortion facility ... crying.  They called out to her: "Come to us"

"There is free help available for you and your family. There are other options available for you."

"Come talk to us."

But before she got up from the steps to walk to the sidewalk counselors, an abortion center worker walked out the side entrance and also talked to her.

This has happened before. On a previous day, the abortion center worker stood between a woman and a sidewalk counselors, blocking the mother's view of those reaching out to offer free help to her. The abortion center worker had a clipboard in hand.  Papers to sign.  That woman was crying too.

Today, in the midst of her tears, this mother found the strength to rise from the steps and walk to the sidewalk counselors.

She was greeted with love and warmth and care. The sidewalk counselor and this young mother walked together toward one of the nearby pregnancy resource centers.

She came to the abortion facility without hope. With courage she walked away from this place of despair.
She chose Life... and she is going to have twins!

+ + +

All honor and glory are Yours O Great Triune God!!!

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