Friday, October 14, 2011

24 Hour Club

In the course of making runs to the vigil site around midnight, there have been a handful of times (3 to be exact), when the same person is still there from the midnight before. This is the 24 Hour Club.

These 3 people (there may be others) have made personal commitments to be at the vigil site from midnight-to-midnight. One of those faithful prayer warriors has done this mmmmmm... for about six years now; i.e. just about every year that there has been a 40 Days for Life prayer vigil in Dallas. 

Each year he said that he thinks, "I am getting too old for this."  Each year he is out there again.

There is another 24 Hour Club.  But these members are only women. These are the mothers who, according to Texas law, must wait 24 hours after the first consult with the abortionist before having an abortion. 

Please continue to keep in your prayers all those mothers, fathers and families... in the 24 Hour Club(s).

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God's continual merciful blessings,

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