Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Widow

She said, "God's Mercy and Love is so great! We will never fully comprehend it. We will not be able to fully comprehend His great Mercy and Love, even for all of eternity..."

"For all of eternity!"

This lady lead the rosary tonight with slow deliberate firm devotion, announcing above the din of traffic and an occasional shout from a passing vehicle, each mystery and virtue to pray for:

"SORROW FOR SIN" contrite unity with God and His will...

"PURITY" may we have open pure hearts to God...

"COURAGE" be not afraid...

"PATIENCE" ah yes... (funny when we don't pray for this virtue, how little we have of it.)

"PERSEVERANCE" may we never ever falter in the Faith...

Time was suspended.  Peace reigned in our souls.

How long have we been praying? Can we do this all night?

She wishes she could.

Her knees don't work so well anymore, though she kneels before God in her heart much of her day.
Her feet don't have much feeling in them anymore, though she walks in His path most of the time.
Her "core" is wearing out, though the Blessed Virgin and the Holy Trinity dwell in the core of her very being.

So we slowly escorted her from the vigil site outside the late-term abortion facility across the 6 lanes of traffic to her car.

She prayed.  She said "yes" to God.  Noble and dignified, she will continue to pray ... for all of us.

+ + +
Awesome is God in His Holy place, the God of Israel, who gives power and strength to His people. Blessed be God!
Psalm 68:36

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