Friday, October 21, 2011

Unto Ages of Ages...

A sunny, clear, cloudless day outside this dark place (Southwestern late-term abortion facility), as Fr. Jason Cargo of St. Monica Catholic Church joined those from his flock who were praying at the vigil site.  Shortly thereafter, Fr. Seraphim Hipsh, (St. Sava Orthodox Church - OCA) arrived to pray ... and was doing just that. 

As the prayers continued, two small flocks (two different species of white birds) swooped in directly above the abortion facility in a lively spirited orchestration of choreographed splendor.  And above them, large vulture-like birds were starkly silhouetted against the clear blue sky ... ominously circling this place of death.

What happens when there are shepherds with those from several different Christian "flocks"... all faithfully praying, as the blood of human life is being shed, right then and there, only a short distance away?

Two women drove out of the abortion facility parking lot and stopped. This young mother had been inside. She was told that she is pregnant. "Yes" she would like help. "Yes" she wanted to go to either one of the two nearby women's resource centers. And they did just that.

Praise God!  What other spiritual victories were won this day... unto ages of ages?! Praise God in the Highest! 

And thank you Holy Almighty God, especially this day, for these and all your faithful shepherds who bear powerful testimony and witness of the saving grace of Jesus Christ with their presence at these places of death and spiritual destruction. 

May God continue to bless Thy Son's shepherds, who chose them; may Blessed Mother of God continue to intercede for them; and may St. Michael continue to protect them. Amen.  
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May we be one body in Christ  and that through the Holy Spirit.
Lord, have mercy on us all.

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  1. Deo Gratias!!!
    These two shepherds are showing by example what is truly important. Leading by example is the best thing, any parent knows that and any child looks for it.

    I pray that we have more priests and religious showing by example what is most important, for if we can't save the babies, how can we expect to save the adults?