Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Standing Alone...

Was a priest.

It was not his church "adopted day" to come out to the vigil site to pray. They already fulfilled that commitment.

He came to pray ... alone.

One other person was at the site when he arrived, then had to leave.

And there he stood in full cassock with a large pectoral cross shining in the sun.

With him there, a passerby would not be at a loss to understand what 40 Days for Life is all about or question why we are there.

And as he stoically stood there praying, abortion center workers began leaving the building.  The killing inside was over...for the day.

As they left, he commented, "It seems so nice and 'normal' out here on the sidewalk... "  

With the power of your prayers and the prayers of our shepherds, the blessings cannot help but continue on that sidewalk.   Today, 2 more mothers chose life for their children, bringing the lives saved during this campaign to 20 (that we know of).  

Praise Holy Almighty God for His unending mercy and compassion.  

Please continue to remember all of our shepherds in your daily prayers.

+ + +

P.S.   Click here to hear the spiritual reflections of one of our sidewalk shepherds.

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