Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the word is getting out...

Lauren Muzyka, 40 Days for Life-Dallas Co-Director, will be on the Scott Wilder Radio Show today, around 4 or 4:15 pm!  Find the Wilder Show at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/scott-wilder.

The Wilder Show provides current events from a Christian Worldview/Perspective.  Incredibly informative!  It promises to be a wonderful time to share 40 Days... join us & tune in online!

Update: to see the interview, recorded live yesterday, go to the link above, click on the 9/28/10 segment, and start from 12:24 on the time bar.  Enjoy a bit about 40 Days for Life!

And in the recent past...

Lauren also substitute hosted the "Good News Show" on Catholic Radio (KATH) 910 AM in the DFW listening area on Monday, September 20.  She interviewed some of the leaders of local pro-life events, including part of the 40 Days for Life-Dallas team, just a day before the campaign kicked off.  To listen to the show, click here:

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