Wednesday, September 22, 2010

To the young man in blue praying outside the abortion clinic Tuesday afternoon...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010
It is almost 5 a.m. Wednesday morning. The Kick-Off Rally on Tuesday night for 4O Days for Life is several hours over.

But this is about something else that happened yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, prior to the Kick-Off Rally.  There was a young man (he was wearing blue) standing alone on the Greenville Avenue sidewalk. He was praying outside the late-term abortion clinic. A lonely place.

 During that same time, while several hundred people were making their way to Moss Park:  loading (equipment... instruments, stage, generator, amplifiers, lights, microphones), rehearsing speeches, leaving work early, picking up friends or relatives, packing (signs, water coolers, lawn chairs, blankets, signs, literature, card tables, flashlights, candles, bug spray) ...all  making sacrifices to put together, come together, be together for the 40 Day for Life Kick-off Rally; the abortion clinic was open and operating.   And one man stood outside on the sidewalk. Alone.

There will be more about the Kick-Off Rally: Pictures,  inspiring speeches, Pro-Life community leaders, faithful clergy, talented musicians, young people, not-so-young people ... sacrifices of time talent energy finances. But for this blog entry, all will remain anonymous... because of that one young man in blue.

He stood outside of the abortion mill. Praying. He was praying for those inside... praying for all of God's children. Several of God's children's lives ended there today... inside that place. But all were remembered in prayer... right there. He was there.

Whoever that young man was... Thank you.  And the rest of us will try to follow your leadership, witness and example (even if it means we stand alone);  so all of those inside the abortion mill, all of those passing by... are remembered.

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