Saturday, October 4, 2014

1 + 1 = 2 Two Babies!

Glorious news! Here are two jubilant reports from the sidewalk outside the Planned Parenthood mega abortion facility (7989 West Virginia Drive, Dallas)

On Thursday:
Tears!!! Alleluia!! Jesus! A baby saved this morning at Planned Parenthood!!  Please, please, lift this mother who chose LIFE up in prayer.  She just needed someone to offer her help instead of death for her baby & lifelong torment for her.  She saw my humbled tears of joy at the news of LIFE for her baby!  Thank you God!

Then on Friday:
A mom stopped her car near a sidewalk counselor at the Planned Parenthood abortion facility and said she saw this sign:
but was having trouble getting the numbers and letters right on her cell phone. She disclosed she was considering abortion, had a previous abortion and already has two little ones in diapers. "I need HELP!" she said. The sidewalk counselor gave her the information for a pregnancy resource center where this brave young mother could get the assistance she needed for and her baby.

Praise Holy Triune God!!!
Other big news!  The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling to suspend a lower court's ruling that struck down key provisions of Texas' pro-life law HB 2.  This means that the State of Texas can enforce the ambulatory surgical center safety regulations and admitting privileges requirements in abortion facilities across the state while the Court considers the appeal in full. Read more here.

While this means that two of the four abortion facilities in Dallas are not able to legally perform abortions as of today (Praise God!), Planned Parenthood -- which is already outfitted as an ambulatory surgical center -- will continue to kill unimpeded. So we must -- and we will -- continue to stand in prayerful vigil outside its doors.

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