Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Lord is calling the neighbors!

The community surrounding the new Planned Parenthood's "mega" abortion facility has heard the call and is responding:
One man stopped by as he was walking to the store and asked, "Are you sure Planned Parenthood does abortions?" (Yes - upwards of 330,000 abortions each year in the U.S.) He was not happy to hear that at all. He wanted to visit with us more and said that he will stop by again. He then shared that he was in the hospital ER only a few days before, saying "I'm grateful to the good Lord for sparing my life" (Amen!), and he committed to offering prayers for the abortion facility workers and for all those going in for abortions.
Another gentleman from the neighborhood came to say he thought Planned Parenthood actually helped people plan their families. He was shocked to hear they perform abortions. He helped us pray against this evil, and he will be back.

Another drove by and turned around to ask what we were doing.  We explained, and once again, this man did not realize Planned Parenthood performed abortions.  He didn't even realize abortion is legal U.S. throughout all 9 months of pregnancy!  He will also be back to pray.
One more gentleman who attends Christ for the Nations stopped by to share that he and his wife were told to abort their son because of possible genetic deformities. They both received God's message at the same time to not go through with the abortion, and today their son is 23 and perfectly normal!

(Special thanks to our neighbors from the North in Allen, Texas who traveled nearly 80 miles round trip to pray at the vigil and shared many of these interactions with us. Across the miles, we are united in prayer!)
What a glorious day!

Parishioners from St. Jude parish in front of Planned Parenthood's mega abortion facility at
7989 West Virginia Drive- Dallas Texas 75237.
Notice the pretty hedge behind them? Gone. Planned Parenthood ripped the hedge out
and concrete was poured on Friday. More on that later... 

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