Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A day of and for LIFE!

It was a day for prayer.  For witness. For celebration.  It began with the holy sacrifice of the Mass at nearby Holy Spirit, followed by a prayer procession by bus to pray outside the Planned Parenthood mega abortion facility.  Then began Youth Day -- at a nearby location -- where 150 youth and families received yellow balloons celebrating LIFE mixed with black balloons to commemorate their brothers and sisters in the womb lost to abortion, and then processed through the South Dallas medical district.  It was a tremendous witness!  Then they joined in 45 minutes of prayer, silent vigil and praise and worship outside the Planned Parenthood.  After their return procession, they enjoyed a rousing presentation by Missy Martinez of Students for Life of America here from D.C.  It was as great day for youth, for family, for LIFE!

After it was all over -- the buses having long departed, the canopy at the Youth Day rally site having been taken down, cars and trucks loaded, the rally speaker on her way back to D.C. -- all seemed quiet at Planned Parenthood.  But in the quiet ...

There was a couple kneeling on the grass with their little boy in a stroller between them. It was just the three of them. They were the ones who God called to be there that afternoon. And they said, "yes".  Their heads were bent as they offered prayers for all those still in the abortion facility.  The father looked up only momentarily as someone stopped by to return a few stray "Pray to End Abortion" signs.

There they were -- the perfect living icon: a young married couple with a little boy.  A family. On their knees. Offering prayers to Holy Almighty God.  For the whole world.

That's what it is all about.
Pray to End Abortion

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