Sunday, October 26, 2014

THREE lives saved, and a suprise!

THREE moms chose life for their babies at the Planned Parenthood facility on Saturday during the multitude of prayer events that day.  And may be more that we don't even know about.  God only knows


A few days before, a woman stopped and thanked all those who were there and for their prayers. Eleven years ago, her doctor told her and her husband that their baby had Downs Syndrome and advised abortion. They thought about the recommendation. They prayed. They decided to accept the child who God had given them. Their hearts were fixed to receive this child and love this child... no matter what.  But, surprise!  "When the baby was born there was no Downs Syndrome," she told those on the sidewalk. Later they discovered their daughter had a slight spinal problem, but nothing that physically limits her from enjoying almost everything other children her age can do. She is in school, doing well, happily running and playing with her friends.

Her story brought tears to those listening and praying that day on the sidewalk. It reminded those there that their presence and prayers are bearing fruit in the lives of others... in ways that only God knows. Her story reinforced their commitment to be there on the sidewalk for these moms and families. 

May God continue to be glorified and Jesus' Holy Name, proclaimed in all things and in all ways in heaven and on earth!



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