Saturday, October 4, 2014

"She's crying..."

Her story has to be told too. 

Yesterday a young man en route to a neighboring apartment complex or one of the nearby medical facilities, crossed paths with one of the sidewalk counselors standing outside the Planned Parenthood at the 40 Days for Life-Dallas vigil site.   He slightly tilted his head and smiled when their eyes met.   "You have a question in your eyes" the sidewalk counselor said.  He responded, "Didn't I see you over... at that other place last week?"
The sidewalk counselor knew the other abortion facility that he was talking about, remembered him  and asked, "How is she doing?"  "Oh, she's ok," he said, then paused, looked away... up towards the sky and said quietly, "She's crying... and crying... she keeps on crying..." 

That's what we know ... all we know for now. 

Throughout the entire world, deep in the recesses of too many souls ... too numerous for us to count... is this pain ... are these cries. Often times, this kind of suffering was and is completely preventable. That too also haunts these precious souls.  Have mercy dear Lord.

Please pray. Right now. Please pray.
(Also see important note at the bottom of this page)
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An optional/possible prayer for use:
Heavenly Father, we entrust into Your hands all those who are contemplating abortion, have actively (or by indifference) participated in abortion, are suffering from abortion and all who have been affected by the same. We offer to You what we believe to be the most important things for ourselves and others in this regard [your intentions here ].  Grant, O God, that these words enter into all of our hearts: "It is important to be healthy in the soul".

Lord, may Your Holy Will be done unto all of us in everything! If You wish that we are healed of any illness/sickness of body, mind or soul; may we be healed. But if Your Will is different, may we continue to bear our cross(s). We pray to You also for all who intercede for others, purify our hearts so as to make us worthy for Your Holy Mercy to be given through us. Protect those who are suffering and relieve their sufferings, may Your Holy Will be done unto them and unto all of us. Through them and through us, may Your Holy Name be revealed! Help them… help us all… to bear our crosses with courage.
After this prayer, recite (3 times) :
Glory Be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit!
Glory Be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit!
Glory Be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit! Amen.

Prayer (slightly modified) from Meditations by Fr. Tomislav Vlašić and Fr. Slavko Barbarić

Important Note:   This man was given information about the trauma following abortion and given information about The Rachel Ministries which provides professional, respectful, and non-judgmental care and help.  Right now there are many courageous women and men seeking God's healing following the trauma of abortion and the loss of a precious child. Rachel Vineyard Retreats, Project Joseph, pastoral counseling and other healing ministries are reaching out to help. If you or someone you know is suffering, there is hope.  For more information, please visit or for help specifically for men,


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