Sunday, October 24, 2010

Baby Eleven(!) & Baby Twelve(!)

Tuesday, October 19.   Baby Eleven and Baby Twelve
Two friends (one was pregnant) were driving to Southwestern late-term abortion facility and saw prayer volunteers  (parishioners from St. Francis Anglican Church and other prayer volunteers) standing outside on the sidewalk and praying the rosary.  The friend apparently felt this was a sign that her pregnant friend needed more counseling and returned to request some information.  (What a great friend to have!!!)  

All of the volunteers kept praying.  A sidewalk counselor with the Catholic Pro-Life Committee was present, called a nearby CPC (crisis pregnancy center) and escorted the two women there.  En route, the young mother was unsure... still worried and very quiet.  After she and her friend entered the counseling center, were met with warmth and love by the women's center counselor, and shown to one of the counseling rooms, the young mother looked up at the sidewalk counselor and with eyes brimming full of tears, sighed in relief, "Thank you."  

Sometime later, this mother and her friend drove by and waved to those still praying on the sidewalk. The two women were smiling joyfully.  

Kevin McNevins (CPLC volunteer Gabriel Angel with Project Gabriel and St. Francis Parish Pro-Life Coordinator) commented... encouraging all:

"Please continue in this vigil wherever you are — you never know when your prayers and actions will meet with another opportunity for a choice for Life"

Santiago (one of the prayer volunteers who quietly frequents the sidewalk during this 40 Days for Life vigil) then told of a woman who he saw the previous week.  She entered the private parking lot of the Southwestern late-term abortion facility, parking her car near the center. He felt strongly in his prayers that she was struggling with whether to go in for an abortion...or not.  He stayed put on the sidewalk and kept an eye on her ... praying unceasingly. She was gently "pounding" her head on the steering wheel of her car.  He kept praying. She moved her car a little further away from the abortion center.  He kept praying.  She then moved her car again.  He kept praying. This time, she drove her car out of the parking lot ... and left. She did not come back that day. Santiago smiled brightly ... "She decided not to have an abortion." 

God's Merciful Blessings!

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