Thursday, October 14, 2010

NUMBER 10!!!!

Wednesday, October 13th

Day adopted by St. Edward Community Pro-Life Committee and others joined them to pray outside Southwestern late-term abortion facility.     

This most exciting report comes from another long-time sidewalk counselor:

Yesterday at Southwestern late-term abortion facility we had a turnaway!  A couple went into Southwestern and about 35 minutes later came out and said that they were keeping the baby! 

Also a lovely young women was praying the Rosary.  When she was leaving, I thanked her for praying and she said,  "My eyes have been opened."

She explained that she met Jessie Anne Nobles (a Project Gabriel Angel) who told her about the CPLC (Catholic Pro-Life Committee) and gave her the website. There she found a link to Priests for Life (Fr. Pavone) and learned many truths about abortion.  Her eyes were opened. 
This young woman is now interested in taking the CPLC Sidewalk Counseling Training at the end of the month! 

It is so remarkable how "little seeds" are planted... producing such an abundance of beautiful fruit!

+ + + 

Praise Almighty Holy God for beautiful new life !!! 

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