Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NUMBER 9!!!! ... sweet

Tuesday, October 12th

This comes from a "veteran" CPLC sidewalk counselor:

Two women (mother and daughter) were driving to Southwestern late-term abortion center.  They stopped for help. I gave them the literature, and directed them to one of the nearby crisis pregnancy centers.  They were happy to do so.  They drove out about an hour later, stopped and thanked me.  If I had not been there they would have gone to Southwestern abortion facility. God was listening to the prayers of all who are praying for the end of abortion. God orchestrated the turn-away.  All I did was help a little.  

Editors note: I have been outside abortion centers when this steadfast long-time sidewalk counselor will often call out to those going in for abortion:  "Come talk to me!"  One thing I always think about when I hear him call:  "Come talk to me",  is something about how Jesus must be calling us: "Come talk to Me!" ... how Jesus must be calling us to prayer... to open our hearts... to tell Him... talk to Him... how much Jesus wants us to come talk to Him... and to trust Him.  

Another thing this counselor says after someone chooses life is: "sweet."  He gives a little smile, a little nod and just says "sweet"... turns and goes back to work. 

And it is...Sweet Victory.  
Balloons at the Midway Rally representing the 7 (now 9) Saves at the vigil site

Glory and honor to God! 
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