Saturday, October 30, 2010

Baby Number FOURTEEN!!!

Friday, October 30th (day adopted by Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church, Plano)

This great news came from a veteran Catholic Pro-Life Committee sidewalk counselor who was at Southwestern late-term abortion center:

"Turn-away!   A young woman drove in by herself Friday morning.  She stopped, and I asked if she was going to the abortion center.  She indicated she was pregnant but she did not speak much English.  I gave her literature and directed her to one of the nearby crisis pregnancy centers.  She went as directed.  She came out about an hour later smiling. Thank You Jesus!"


Thank you to all of you prayer warriors from Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church for your peaceful prayerful presence!  Thank you to our vigilant sidewalk counselor for being out there!  (See Wednesday, October 13th blog entry: "Number 9!!!! ... sweet"...same counselor... Reelin' 'em in for the Lord!)  

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Praise Merciful Almighty God!

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