Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Green Pen Saves Life... and a Blue Pen is on its way!

Ok. The Green Pen story got inadvertently deleted. The point of the story was that God is in the details... right down to the pens on the conference table at the 40 Days for Life planning meetings. When He tells us to bring everything to Him... He means it. And proving that... saved a life with a pen.

The sort-of-short rewrite version of The green pen story:

One of the counselors at Birth Choice (a CPC...crisis pregnancy center) exclaimed that a couple had found Birth Choice from one of their "GREEN PENS" (not a whole lot of those floating around, folks), and when asked how they got the pen, the counselor said:  "I don't know!!"

(Backing up...a week or so before.)  The director of Birth Choice put green pens on the conference table for the
40 Days for Life-Dallas planning meeting.  Birth Choice has graciously offered their conference room prior to and during 40 Days for Life. (Thank you Birth Choice!)  It is located near Southwestern late-term abortion center -- the vigil site for 40 Days for Life-Dallas.  Susan (the vigil coordinator) pocketed picked up one of the pens and put it in her purse...through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  :)

Susan had a meeting some days/weeks later...elsewhere...a personal appointment which happened to be close to another abortion center (not Southwestern).  She noticed a very distraught couple going in that direction, knew where they were heading...towards the abortion center.

She prayed, "Blessed Mother, I don't have anything [literature or CPC info] to give to them. Please help me!" She remembered the green Birth Choice pen that she had pocketed put in her purse. Their paths crossed and Susan gave them the green pen. "Go to these people. They are good people. They will help you."

The couple GPS'd the address on the pen... and off they went. They are now happily preparing for the birth of their child. (Praise God!  Thank you, Susan for your faith and love!)

(By the way, this happened BEFORE 40 Days for Life even started. So perhaps Dallas should get credit for the "1st Save" (?)... from a planning meeting no less.  Actually, God gets all the credit... all details were put before Him in the planning meeting.  No one imagined a little green pen would end up being one of the BIG details that He would use.)

The blue pen story.  As a result of the "intercession" of the green pen, blue CPLC (Catholic Pro-Life Committee) pens were put in the vigil box. One of the men keeping evening vigil, praying outside the Southwestern late-term abortion center, told us a woman stopped by and asked why he was against abortion. The details of that conversation aside, she revealed to him that she thought she "might be" pregnant.  He knew White Rose (another CPC...also "good people") was nearby and pointed it out to her.  As he was looking through the vigil box (again for literature or CPC info), he found a blue CPLC pen, and gave the pen to her so she could call and get any information/ referral / help that she needed.  We have a funny feeling that a blue pen may just show up at White Rose or Birth Choice.  :)

Thank you, God, for Your Presence and Help in times of trouble... Thank You, Holy Almighty God!

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Birth Choice Counseling Center for Women - Dallas, Texas
White Rose Women's Center - Dallas, Texas
Catholic Pro-Life Committee of North Texas

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