Sunday, October 3, 2010

Kevin's Simple Commitment

This entry is dedicated to a college-age young man that I met (actually, for the second time) while praying at the abortion center during the late evening hours this last week.

My husband and I were just finishing up a 10:00 - 11:00 p.m. prayer hour at the late-term abortion center, and we were greeting another friend, Chris, who had just shown up for his 11:00 p.m. time to pray and keep vigil.  Somewhere in the parking lot across the street, we saw a young man get out of the car with a large case.  As he got closer, I quickly realized it was a guitar.

The shadows of the night and some of the dim street lights made it hard to really see his features once he arrived on the sidewalk, after crossing the street.

"Hi, welcome, what's your name?"  I asked him.

My husband blurted out his name...

"Ah, Kevin!  I didn't recognize you!" I said.

I realized this young man and his family had attended our wedding, just a year earlier because of their friendship with my husband's family.  I then asked him what brought him out to pray this evening.

Kevin informed me that he had been at the 40 Days for Life-Dallas Kickoff Rally, and he heard the speech by David Bereit, founder and National Director of 40 Days for Life, and he took up David's suggestion.  David had said to the crowd, "We go to work for 40 hours a for 40 hours a week...why couldn't we go to the abortion center over these 40 days, for just 40 hours? That's one hour a day...."  

He proceeded to tell us that he decided to come out every evening and play his guitar and pray for the unborn, just one hour, over each of the 40 Days.   I was blown away by this meaningful, but simple, commitment, from a young guy who had just started college here in Dallas.  He knew it was important.  He knew it was worth it.  He knew it made a difference to God and to His little ones, in ways unseen.

He sheepishly told us that he was "no Matt Maher..." but would play and sing for us.  We joined him in prayer and song.  And I stepped back to marvel at how this young guy -- with many so much older and 'more mature' than him -- had made a simple commitment of 40 hours for these 40 days.

I pray that we can try to challenge ourselves the way that this young man has challenged himself.  If we all had his faith and love and devotion, I can see Dallas moving mountains.

Thank you, Kevin, for your meaningful, but simple, commitment to Life.

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  1. What time at night does he play? I'd love to hear him and I might get a guitar lesson out of it too. LOL I have one, but can't play it!