Thursday, October 28, 2010

NUMBER 13!!!!

Tuesday, October 26 2010

Around 7 o'clock in the evening, while parishioners from Good Shepherd Catholic Church were praying at Southwestern late-term abortion center, a woman came up (crying) and asked for help.  She is pregnant. She saw the prayer vigil volunteers, read the signs ("Pray to End Abortion" and "Women Do Regret Their Abortion") and decided she needed help, rather than to abort her child. The prayer volunteers told her where both of the nearby crisis pregnancy centers are located.   This beautiful mother has places to go for help!  

Ok... so the evil one doesn't like mothers to choose life... only wants to destroy God's plans for His creation. So things were (most likely) a little stirred-up.  Later that same evening, a man stopped his car in the street, got out and was yelling some.... mmmm.... "pagan blessings" at those praying.  (This really doesn't happen very often these days. Prayer brings Peace.)  One of the prayer volunteers (without malice or anger) lovingly responded:
"We will be praying for you."

And they did.

+ + +
God's continual mercy and blessings!!

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