Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Special Thanks to Our Late-Night Prayer Warriors

Tuesday, October 19

As we faced the early morning hours today, the open hours with no volunteers was daunting for our ever-vigilant 40 Days for Life-Dallas prayer coordinators.   Mike, our night vigil coordinator, was preparing for a long and late night/early morning at Southwestern late-term abortion center to ensure the 24/7 coverage continued without pause.   When he arrived at the vigil site at midnight, he was unexpectedly greeted by a large group of volunteers closing the prior day in prayer for the precious unborn.  


At 12 a.m., a couple ladies from St Andrew Kim, Dallas joined in prayer for an hour.  Two of the gentlemen from St. Luke, Irving who were already there offered to stay until 5 a.m. when the next coverage was scheduled to begin.   Mike left at 2 a.m. (to get some well-deserved rest) and told the two faithful gentlemen that their relief would come at 5 a.m.   But the coverage did not show up as expected; so these two men stayed through 6 a.m. when Mike returned to continue the vigil.   All together, that was 7 hours these men put in for Life!  Praise Jesus!!!

The devotion of the pro-life faithful in Dallas never ceases to amaze.  Thanks to all of you who have stood up for the unborn since this campaign began, especially those of you who have stood in the quiet, dark moments when the lives lost to abortion are so often forgotten.   

May God's grace bless you all and the mothers and children for whom you unceasingly pray. 

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