Monday, October 4, 2010

Miracles on the Sidewalk

Another day of the 40 Days for Life campaign is about over.  The valiant men who have been keeping night duty are beginning the night watch.  And I am reflecting on the beautiful "sidewalk miracles" we witness all the time... 
Sacrifice.  A woman on a ventilator who recently had heart surgery came out to pray a couple of times.  (How did she do that?!)  A Jesuit high school student thought it worthy to spend 2 hours praying the rosary after school.  (Will he be going to seminary after graduation? He won't be the first seminarian from this sidewalk prayer vigil!) A mother introduced her daughter, saying "they told me she didn't have a brain...they had tried [to convince me] to do a partial birth abortion on her."  The daughter is well (Praise God!!!) and eager to come out and pray for those going into the abortion center.  Another mother told us of her diagnosis of cancer while pregnant...also advised to abort.  She refused the abortion.  She was taken to court (by her doctor!).  As she told this, tears swelled in her eyes, "my son is now 7.  He is perfectly healthy...."  These are the incredible servants we meet everyday.

Unity.  So many of the faithful from different "walks in Christ" are coming to the sidewalk.  Many expressing they felt "a call" to be involved.  The first day of the campaign, for instance, side by side, were the faithful from the Cathedral Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe (the Catholic Cathedral downtown), Baruch HaShem (the Messianic Jewish congregation in North Dallas), Fellowship Bible Church Dallas, and many others.  Many different walks in Christ...all united in prayer.
Healing.  A prayer volunteer (first time to come) was handed a 40 Days for Life flyer from the secretary at her Church.  She recently asked God to heal her heart (as she has been suffering from a past abortion).  While this beautiful soul was praying with other Christians, she was given the opportunity by God to witness to a young man who had taken his girlfriend inside the late-term abortion center.

Along with supportive words from a couple of the sidewalk counselors --the testimony of this woman was so powerful, that the young man went back to into the abortion center, intent on saving his girlfriend and the baby from this place of death.  (Though they didn't come back to talk to us, the couple did leave the abortion center.)  Mercy and Grace flowed out from our Precious Lord Jesus Christ into a beautiful repentant heart and through her tears, her prayers and her witness…flowed out to many. 

"God will take our mess and make it our message," she said.

These are a few of the “sidewalk miracles” we have witnessed and heard about during the first half of the campaign.  God is doing mighty mighty things in the midst of these 40 days. 

Keep coming. Keep praying.  BE…one of the many miracles of Life.

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