Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A visit from "Our Lady" of South Bend, Indiana

Fr. Bill Miscamble, a Holy Cross Father currently on the faculty at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, was by our good fortune (and no doubt the Holy Spirit's intervention) traveling through Dallas to give two talks to the local Notre Dame Club.  During his brief stay in our fair city, he made time to pray at 40 Days for Life-Dallas vigil site!!

This isn't the first time Fr. Miscamble has stood up for Life though.  He is one of the faithful clergy who STOOD STRONG with the “ND Response” Seniors who stood up for Life and peacefully protested by boycotting President Obama’s commencement address and reception of the Honorary Degree at Notre Dame last year.  Fr. Miscamble went toe-to-toe with Fr. John Jenkins, President of Notre Dame and fellow Holy Cross Father, about this very issue.  He also delivered the articulate and passionate keynote address at the “alternate commencement ceremony” for the students who boycotted their own graduation because of the scandal.  Bishop D’Arcy, who also boldly and courageously boycotted the ceremony, standing strong for life and truth, Fr. Corapi, and Fr. Pavone were all with the students and Fr. Miscamble.  Bishop D’Arcy said later on TV that the students of ND Response “saved the soul of the University of Notre Dame.”

Thank you, Lord, for this immeasurable blessing!!!  And please continue to bless and sustain Fr. Miscamble as he stands up for Truth and Life at the University of Notre Dame!!!

**In addition to Fr. Miscamble, we have been blessed by the presence of many of our clergy from the Diocese of Dallas...on the sidewalk, at 40 Days for Life rallies, and at Masses in honor of the unborn.  Thank you to our bishops, priests, deacons and sisters who continue to STAND STRONG for the innocent unborn.**

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